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[11-05-2014]: Welp. This comic's officially dead. I actually started up a new webcomic. Check it out here: http://www.sometimesalwaysweird.com

[02-06-2012]: What's this? Actual news?? So I have a new job! I am now the Partner Relations Coordinator at Legacy Interactive. Check out our games!

[01-06-2011]: Get off my lawn, ya dang kids!

[06-02-2009]: Hey again, everyone! So believe it or not, I'm employed now at Square Enix. I'm going to be a tester and my first task is helping out at E3. The first day was quite tiring and I'm sure tomorrow will be worse, but I've got the last day off to play and look around. Maybe you'll see some comics about working at Squeenix, so hopefully see you again!

[01-19-2009]: If you haven't figured it out by now, Unlife Online is on indefinite hiatus. It's getting harder and harder to make this a good, regularly-updated comic. I am not abandoning it completely though. I'll draw something every once in a while and maybe even a comic if I can think up something good enough. Thanks for supporting me throughout these past few years. See ya around.
(I did start a blog of my dreams if you still want to read silliness from me: http://ihavesweetdreams.blogspot.com)
Note: that blog is also dead now.

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